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Holy Cross Economics Professor Is Sought-After Expert on Sports Gambling

Boston Herald | Boston 25 News | Worcester News Tonight
January 18th, 2019 by 
Victor Matheson, professor of economics

Victor Matheson, professor of economics

With the recent announcement that Governor Charlie Baker is proposing the legalization of sports gambling in Massachusetts, media looking for expert opinion on the issue are turning to Holy Cross professor of economics Victor Matheson.

In an interview with the Boston Herald, Matheson, who in addition to being a stadium financing expert has done extensive research into sports gambling, doesn’t estimate large revenue earnings from the current proposal to legalize sports gambling. Instead Matheson says, “Expanded gaming into places like small sports parlors around the state, things like 7 Eleven’s or things like bars, then we could have really a lot of impact.”

On the flipside, Matheson cautions that sports gambling may be uniquely addictive to certain groups of people, especially young men. The advice he shared with Boston 25 News? “Feel free to do this for a couple years and lose the couple thousand dollars you’re going to lose, and understand at some point you’ve got to walk away.”

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