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Instagram: Holy Cross Challenges You to ‘Ask More’ – and Bowles ’18 Can’t Wait

NAME Kathleen (Katie) Bowles ’18 HOMETOWN New York City STUDIES SHE’S CONSIDERING Political science major with a concentration in Peace and....

Blog: DeSantis ’18 Shares the Unique and Special Student Experience at Holy Cross

NAME Michael DeSantis ’18 HOMETOWN Pittsburgh STUDIES HE’S CONSIDERING History major WHY HE CHOSE HOLY CROSS “I applied to Holy Cross....

Blog: Larkin ’18 Eager to Find Her Literary Voice at Holy Cross

NAME Alexandra (Ali) Larkin ’18 HOMETOWN Greenwich, Conn. STUDIES English and Religious Studies double major WHY SHE CHOSE HOLY CROSS “My....

Blog: When Black ’18 Visited Holy Cross, She Knew it Was the Place for Her

NAME Katrina Black ’18 HOMETOWN Stamford, Conn. STUDIES SHE’S CONSIDERING Linguistics major WHY SHE CHOSE HOLY CROSS “I knew numerous....

Blog: ‘A Commitment to Service’ Helped Draw Casey ’18 to Holy Cross

NAME Amy Casey ’18 HOMETOWN Philadelphia STUDIES Major in English and Italian WHY SHE CHOSE HOLY CROSS “I fell in love with Holy Cross’....