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Holy Cross’ Montserrat Program Teaches Lessons That Resonate During Coronavirus

The unique yearlong program for first-year students equipped them to be responsive and flexible in the face of an unexpected challenge

As students across the country transitioned to remote learning in March in the wake of coronavirus, communities of learning had to start thinking about creative approaches to education outside of the classroom. For Holy Cross’ Montserrat program, however, learning that …

Professor and Russia Expert Calls Talk of Trump Impeachment ‘the Gift That Keeps on Giving’ for Russian Media

The Conversation

What is Russian media’s narrative on the impeachment investigation of President Donald Trump? Apparently, the commentary in many ways “echoes the language of U.S. coverage,” according to Cynthia Hooper, associate professor of history and director of Russian and Eastern European Studies at Holy Cross. …

History Professor Specializing in Kremlin Media Strategy Is Sought-After Expert on U.S.-Russian Affairs

CNN | Washington Post | Boston Globe | Newsweek | Fortune | Salon | Mother Jones

With the world keeping tabs on U.S.-Russia relations in anticipation of the second bilateral meeting between President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin, media across the country are turning to Cynthia Hooper, associate professor of history and director of Russian and …

Professor and Russia Expert on Upcoming Trump-Putin Summit: ‘Trump is Playing Putin’s Game’

The Conversation

On July 16 President Donald Trump is scheduled to participate in a summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, Finland, a meeting generating media buzz worldwide. In an article for The Conversation, Cynthia Hooper, associate professor of history and director …

Holy Cross Professor Warns ‘Putin’s Certain Triumph Heralds Fresh Uncertainty’

The Conversation

In Russia’s upcoming election on March 18th, current President Vladimir Putin is expected to win in double-digits, an electoral victory that, according to the Russian constitution, should be his last. However, scholars including Cynthia Hooper, Holy Cross associate professor of …

‘How Does an Authoritarian Government Celebrate a Revolution?’

Professor discusses Russia’s apathy toward the 100th anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution in The Conversation

On November 7, 1917, Vladimir Ilyich Lenin led the Bolsheviks on a successful revolution and created what would become the USSR, but as this 100th anniversary arrives, Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin are silent, even dismissive of its significance. Cynthia …

Professor Weighs In on ‘How the Russian State Media Has Been Covering Trump’s Russia Scandal’

Mother Jones

As the investigation into the connection between Russia and Trump continues, media around the world is dominated by each new finding—except, surprisingly, for mainstream Russian media. In a Mother Jones article that dives into this phenomenon, Cynthia Hooper, associate professor …

Professor and Russia Expert on Upcoming Trump, Putin Meeting: ‘Whatever Happens, Vladimir Putin Wins’


With all eyes turning to the meeting of world leaders at the G-20 summit in Germany, particular attention is falling on the meeting between Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump, the first face-to-face encounter between the two since President Trump entered …

History Professor Offers Expert ‘Look Inside Russia’s Alternate Media Reality’

The Conversation l Associated Press l The Washington Post l Newsweek l Salon l Yahoo! News

In the wake of the Syrian missile strike, Cynthia Hooper, associate professor of history and director of Russian and Eastern European Studies at the College of the Holy Cross, examines Russia’s media strategy at home and abroad in a piece …