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Cancer Survivor Fights For Children’s Greater Access to Treatment

Diagnosed in his late teens, cancer survivor Ben Lepper ’25 is using his experiences and his time in remission to advocate for federal changes to streamline access to childhood cancer treatment: “That’s what I’m here to do.”

11/24/23 by

When it comes to improving access to care for childhood cancer patients, Benjamin Lepper ’25 uses his inner strength pulled from personal experience to advocate for change. This fall, Lepper joined advocates from the New England region of The Leukemia …

The Food Insecure Population You Didn’t Expect: College Students

As needs increase, advocates say higher education institutions must play a role in rethinking how to support students and partner with community organizations.

11/21/23 by

Last year, 17 million American households were considered food insecure, up from 13.5 million in 2021, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Within that community is a subset that is often overlooked: college students. “This should be an issue …

Gen Z Wants to Talk About Mental Health

Unlike earlier generations, today’s college students are willing to advocate for their mental health and force tough conversations in pursuit of a healthier society.

11/08/23 by

Nauseous and dizzy, Caroline Hanson ‘27 didn’t know what was happening. The intense anxiety she felt led to an overwhelming desire to immediately leave whatever situation she was in. She was in elementary school and needed help. “It’s confusing when …

Why is The Pope’s Monthlong October Meeting Making Headlines?

The inclusion of women and laity signal Pope Francis’ openness to diverse voices as the Church discusses how to journey forward together.

10/26/23 by

The Pope has convened a gathering of more than 400 bishops and lay people from around the world in Rome this month, a move that is garnering headlines due to some of the invitees and potential topics of discussion; however, …

One Government Shutdown Averted, But is There Another Ahead?

Polarization continues to drive Congress, which could face another hard deadline on Nov. 17.

10/23/23 by

While the government shutdown did not materialize as feared on Sept. 30, it does not mean the U.S. is in the clear due to intense political polarization. “At the end of the day, the decision on these spending bills is …

How Edgar Allan Poe Became His Most Famous Character

The eclectic 19th century writer and literary critic’s influence runs deeper than previously known.

10/07/23 by

Edgar Allan Poe’s ability to incorporate the dark side of the human psyche, his creation of several literary genres and his innovative approach to storytelling makes him one of the world’s most influential writers — even 174 years after his …

Now More Than Ever: Elevating Suicide Education and Prevention for Young Adults

Experts call for the need to normalize conversations around mental health.

10/06/23 by

Already an established advocate for school and student safety, it was a no-brainer for Henry Meiser ’27 to be invited in 2021 to sit on the Maryland Governor’s Commission of Suicide Prevention. Yet thinking he didn’t know enough about suicide …

“I Saw That my Dreams Were Actually Attainable”

Why mentoring is key in the fashion industry.

10/05/23 by

As a child, Cassandra Smith ’23 was enamored by the glamour of the Met Gala and New York Fashion Week. The designs, colors and displays caught her attention and fueled her dreams of one day being part of the international …

Thinking About Upgrading to an iPhone 15? Consider the Environment, Too

Sales of Apple’s new iPhone are hot, with the company expected to produce more than 75 million units worldwide before year-end. But what happens to the millions of “old” phones the iPhone 15 replaces?

09/28/23 by

Last Friday, Apple released the iPhone 15 in stores, selling out available stock around the world and marking the fifth fall in a row the company has released a new model. Yet before consumers upgrade, an expert in ethical consumerism …

LGBTQ Alumni Network Serves as a Visible Sign: You Are Welcome

The first of its kind among Jesuit schools, the group celebrates 10 years and provides the community many say they lacked in their years on The Hill.

It was spring 2011 when Phil Dardeno ’02 and Meg Griffiths ’04 visited campus to attend a community conversation for LGBTQ students and alumni, an event requested by the students. Neither can recall where the event was, debating whether it …

Holy Cross’ New Superpower

Historically dismissed as juvenile at best, evil at worst, graphic novels and comic books are finding their place as a valuable academic tool in higher education.

09/19/23 by

Beyond Marvel and DC, faculty are using the College’s Dr. Mark D. Nevins ’86 Collection for the Study of Comics and Graphic Novels as a centerpiece to teaching. Learn more in our graphic novel, below.

Remembering Alice Laffey: Dedicated Bible Scholar, Mentor, Friend

The late associate professor emerita was known for her words, wit and passion for justice.

09/14/23 by

Thanks to her acute sense of justice and purpose, a sharp, analytical mind, and tremendous kindness, friends and former colleagues say Alice Laffey was the conscience of the religious studies department during her 35-year Holy Cross teaching career and through …

For Five Worcester Students, The Future Is 3.5 Miles Away

The city’s North High School produced five members of the College’s Class of 2027, its most competitive admission year in decades.

09/01/23 by

Holy Cross surrounded Shakira Suazo Valdez. Four of her classmates at North High School in Worcester — including her best friend — received acceptance notifications in March. Three of her teachers proudly wore purple as alumni.

The Class of 2027 Hits The Hill

827 first-year students experience their first Holy Cross tradition, Move-In Day.

On Aug. 26, members of the Class of 2027 were welcomed to their home for the next four years by Holy Cross leadership, staff, students and alumni, first at their actual move-in and, later, at the annual Mass of the …

More Expensive or Unavailable: How Wild Weather Will Affect Your Favorite Foods

Experts advise consumers to prepare for the expected ways climate change will affect the food supply chain.

08/23/23 by

Already a precarious endeavor, farming in an age of wild weather fluctuations has become more challenging, and growers and consumers will need to make adjustments to navigate the nation’s food system in the months and years ahead, according to experts. …

Barbie: A Force For Good?

A social scientist's perspective is changing in light of how the iconic doll is portrayed in the blockbuster movie.

08/15/23 by

Since its unveiling in 1959, the Barbie doll’s evolution has been shifted and shaped by cultural expectations, societal movements, corporate idealism and children’s imaginations. The smash hit “Barbie” movie, released in July, is the latest reimagining of the doll and …

Do Democrats Communicate Differently Than Republicans?

SoRelle Wyckoff Gaynor, assistant professor of political science, finds that the parties have distinctly different approaches to how they talk about (or stay silent on) legislation.

08/03/23 by

Despite the majority of federal legislation receiving bipartisan support, how members of Congress communicate the details to constituents is divided by party lines, said SoRelle Wyckoff Gaynor, assistant professor of political science. “Unfortunately, there is a lack of objective information …

Inside an Undergraduate Student-Run Stem Cell Lab

From experimentation to, ideally, publication, biology majors examine how stem cells age, with hopes to better understand how they could be used to treat disease.

07/28/23 by

Julia Paxson, DVM, associate professor of biology and head of the department, is serious about her research, which strives for a better understanding of how stem cells age and whether age improves or decreases cell efficacy when used for treatment …

How to Stay Artistically Motivated in a World Full of Distractions

Interruptions and daily responsibilities can kill creativity. An artist living with ADHD explores why and offers ideas on how to keep creating.

07/26/23 by

Alex Raper ’25 dove straight into her Weiss Summer Research with a complex self-portrait. The sketch, which included a serpent wrapped around the top of her head, was one she described as mentally heavy and frustrating. Within a week, she …

Can Jesus Walk Through Walls?

Pioneering international research by Holy Cross psychology professor Florencia Anggoro examines a critical question never explored: Do religious beliefs shape how children think and learn?

07/18/23 by

The majority of the global population is religious, yet psychologists have little understanding of how religious beliefs impact the way children think, says Florencia Anggoro, Holy Cross associate professor of psychology.