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Backing the Underserved: Alumna Co-Founds Venture Capital Firm to Fund Women, Minority and Military Veterans

Mary Iafelice '11 named to Forbes 2018 Social Entrepreneurship '30 Under 30'

If anyone’s surprised that a philosophy degree could lead to a career in venture capital, it’s Mary Iafelice ’11. “When I graduated from Holy Cross with my degree in philosophy, I thought I was going to stay in academia,” Iafelice …

Entrepreneurship: It’s Not Just for Business

New course explains how businesses are started, why only some thrive and that, ultimately, entrepreneurship is a way of thinking

“Why are all the good ideas already taken?” The rhetorical — and exasperated — question came from a senior during a three-minute brainstorm in which students in Holy Cross’ new Entrepreneurship course were asked to create a list of nagging …

English Professor Challenges Literary Norms in New Catholic Novel

Part detective novel, part satire, Lee Oser's "Oregon Confetti" hopes to reintroduce the Catholic novel to contemporary audiences

“You write about what you know,” says Lee Oser, professor of English, about writing his newest novel, “Oregon Confetti” (Wiseblood Books, 2017). As a former musician in Portland, a professor of English and a committed Roman Catholic, Oser combines his …

Not ‘Til I’ve Had My Coffee: How Caffeine Culture is Affecting Kids

Psychology professor's research examines the effects of caffeine use in adolescents

Everyone drinks coffee — what’s the big deal? When “everyone” includes adolescents, Alison Bryant Ludden, associate professor of psychology, says there’s reason for concern. Her interest in studying caffeine use in adolescents was piqued while conducting field work in schools. …

For Today’s Catholics Hell Means ‘the Hopeless Anguish of God’s Absence,’ Says Holy Cross Professor

The Conversation | Newsweek | Religion News Service

In an article for The Conversation, Joanne Pierce, professor of religious studies at Holy Cross, traces the conceptual evolution of hell through the Jewish and Greek cultures and their influence on the Christian description of hell or the afterlife, including …

Religious Studies Professor and Papacy Expert Opines on Pope Francis’ Apology for Abuse in Chile

The Conversation

Last week, Pope Francis wrote to three clerical sexual abuse victims apologizing and asking for forgiveness for defending Chilean Bishop Juan Barros, accused of covering up their abuse by a former priest. In an article for The Conversation, Mathew Schmalz, …

Contemplation in Action at the College of the Holy Cross — The Thomas P. Joyce ’59 Contemplative Center

AJCU Connections

04/18/18 by

There are plenty of beautiful, serene places to pray on campus at the College of the Holy Cross. There are three chapels here, in addition to Campion House, the home of the Office of the College Chaplains, and any number …

How Not Having It Figured Out Helped Me in the Long Run

Micaela English '08, a digital and social media strategist, discusses the power of the Holy Cross network in her NYC success

Reader beware: This is not a traditional job story. There wasn’t one magical internship that paved the way for me. There was no shiny offer that I had entering my senior year. The lingering, complicated question of “What do you …

Photos: Holy Cross Students Share Their Passion for All Things Ancient Greek and Roman on Classics Day

In its 46th year, the student-run event brought 300 excited higher schoolers to Holy Cross to celebrate the classical world

04/16/18 by

“Have any of you ever heard that Latin is a dead language?” Neel Smith, professor and chair of the classics department, asked the Hogan Ballroom filled with buzzing high school students from across New England. Hundreds of hands shot up …

Honoring the Past: Students Seek Opportunities to Learn About the Holocaust

Through diverse course offerings, study abroad opportunities and lectures on campus, students can explore all facets of Judaism

04/12/18 by

“Never forget” is a phrase that’s long been used to remind people, Jews and non-Jews alike, to remember the pain of the Holocaust, which is being commemorated — on campus and around the world — as A Day of Remembrance …

Holy Cross Cantor Art Gallery to Feature Work of Senior Visual Arts Majors in the Exhibition ‘Fine Art’, subtitled ‘Our Gift to You’

The Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Art Gallery at the College of the Holy Cross will show the work of graduating senior visual arts studio majors in the exhibition “Fine Art,” which will be on view from Thursday, April 26 …

Worcester News Tonight Interviews Holy Cross Student as She Makes Final Preparations for Boston Marathon

Worcester News Tonight

Holy Cross sophomore Maggie Wiggin is preparing for her first Boston Marathon this year. Running to raise funds for the Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Wiggin has a special connection as the Institute helped her mom beat ovarian cancer. Wiggin was …

Holy Cross Professor on Why the Label ‘Cult’ Prevents Greater Understanding of New Religions

The Conversation | Newsweek | Religion News Service

New religious movements have been a subject of fascination in American popular culture for decades, often portrayed in movies and TV shows as “cults,” which comes with its own implications of brainwashing and authoritarian practices. In an article for The …

Latin American Film Class Travels to Buenos Aires to Explore Dark Period of Argentine History

Over spring break, 14 students studied first-hand how Argentines remember and memorialize the scars left by their dictatorship 30 years later

In the span of about a decade, roughly 30,000 people in Argentina disappeared at the hands of the government. Called “los desaparecidos,” or “the disappeared,” many of these individuals were brought to the 500-plus clandestine detention centers established to detain …

Holy Cross to Host 46th Annual Classics Day for High School Students

More than 300 high school students across Massachusetts expected to participate

The College of the Holy Cross will host its 46th annual Classics Day on Thursday, April 12, 2018. The day will include a series of events relating to both the study and experience of ancient Roman culture and is designed …

Holy Cross Professor on Zwarte Piet, Controversial Netherlands Holiday Tradition

World Politics Review

In the Netherlands, “Zwarte Piet,” or “Black Pete,” has become a point of heated debate as holiday traditions are reexamined for racist undertones. Presented in tandem with “Sinterklaas,” the Dutch Santa Claus, Zwarte Piet is a common figure for Dutch …

Pope’s Press Corps to Speak at Holy Cross Conference on ‘Francis the Pilgrim’

The College of the Holy Cross will host a conference on “Francis the Pilgrim: From Personal Devotion to Papal Diplomacy,” April 11-12, 2018 featuring Pope Francis biographer Austen Ivereigh and Rev. Thomas J. Reese, S.J., senior analyst at Religion News …

Second Annual Women in Science Day Brings Over 100 High School Students to Campus

Students participate in demos, panel discussions and networking sessions

03/29/18 by

Let’s do the math — 115 high school students, 192 current students, and 13 alumnae, all of whom were women, descended on the Integrated Science Complex on March 24 to celebrate, explore, and learn how women in STEM fields can …

Holy Cross Alumna Writes About the Face of Catholic Activism Today

America Magazine

Mary Cunningham ’17 is inspired by young Catholics working for social justice and making their voices heard. In a commentary for America magazine, Cunningham wants to dispel the notion that there’s a decline in millennial engagement in Catholic social justice …

Roxane Gay Talks Feminism, Nuances of Privilege to Packed House

New York Times bestselling author addresses students in Unity Week keynote

03/26/18 by

“Oftentimes when you’re marginalized, you’re highly visible and also highly invisible; people look right through you but they also see you. This is a willful act, to both see somebody and pretend that they’re invisible. There’s a lot of intention …