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Winter 2019

Justice, Equality and Immigration: Holy Cross Alumnus Offers Free Legal Advice to Undocumented College Students

On the cutting edge of higher education, Jason Hernandez '07 helps undocumented college students navigate the U.S. immigration system

When Jason Hernandez ’07 arrived on Mount St. James in fall 2003, he wasn’t sure what he wanted to major in or which career he might be interested in after graduation. But he did know, he says, that he wanted …

A Holy Cross Without Fenwick and O’Kane?

A long-forgotten 1955 master plan for the College predicted that a campus without the iconic buildings was inevitable

It’s nearly impossible to imagine Mount St. James without the iconic spires of Fenwick and O’Kane halls, but that’s exactly what a 1955 master plan predicted — and argued was inevitable. A Dec. 15, 1955, story published in The Crusader …

For Us, For Others, For Action: Alumni Reflect on a Half-Century of the Black Student Union

Fifty years after the founding of the BSU, alumni look back on a time filled with mission and personal impact.

It was Spring 1987 and high school senior Arnold Principal was lost. He arrived on Mount St. James for a campus visit, got separated from his host and unknowingly stumbled upon the Black Student Union-sponsored Spring Talent Show. “Two BSU …

Five Outstanding Alumni Receive Sanctae Crucis Awards

A nuclear physicist. A foreign journalist. A federal judge. A developmental psychologist. A visionary physician. A look at their remarkable worldwide impact.

They graduated years apart, yet each embraces the Jesuit magis, a calling to “be more” that has fueled Holy Cross men and women throughout the decades and around the world. Determined to live lives of purpose and impact, these alumni …

Two Alumni, Political World Veterans Teach Course Examining Politics From Inside-Out

Political consultant Peter Flaherty '87 and former congressman Tim Bishop '72 teamed up for real-time course on 2018 midterm elections

The advertisement starts with a video of Hillary Clinton on stage. “If you look at the map of the United States, there’s all that red in the middle where Trump won,” she says. The video is intercut with images of …

‘Summa’ Exhibition Showcases Work of Visual Arts Faculty

Eight educator-artists share work and a look at their creative process

Scattered across a table built using the golden ratio were a series of small-scale hybrid sculptures created by Associate Professor Michael Beatty. His work, a mix of handmade and digitally printed forms, was among the artwork featured in “Summa,” an …

Women’s Ice Hockey Joins Elite Hockey East

The team is finding top-tier competition and more opportunities in its first Division I season

Life is a lot different for head coach Peter Van Buskirk and the Holy Cross women’s ice hockey team this season. One day they’re facing the sixth-ranked team in the country, and the following week they’re right back at it, …

Holy Cross Alumna Empowers Young Women Through Poetry in the Mississippi Delta

Born out of her Teach for America experience, Madison Walsh '12 co-founded Girls Write the World, a girls-only literacy and youth development nonprofit

If you’ve ever been to Mississippi in the summer, you know it is no place for the faint of heart, and you might wonder what brings me back year after year. It’s exactly that — heart — in the form …

Stranger Things: English Course Traces Gothic Tradition to Modern TV Shows and Movies

From British literature to 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer,' students explore what old and new monsters tell us about ourselves

More than 120 years ago, readers huddled by the amber glow of candlelight in wide-eyed terror to devour the pages of author Bram Stoker’s Gothic tale, “Dracula.” In 2016, viewers by the millions sat in the screen-lit blue light of …

‘A Symbol of Victory and Sign of Salvation’ Lecture Explores College’s Namesake

Inside the history, art and meanings behind the Holy Cross as part of the College's 175th anniversary celebrations

Today, images of the cross and crucifixion are synonymous with Christianity — but that has not always been the case. “Art historians have been unable to identify an explicitly Christian crucifix prior to the fourth or even the fifth century, …

Holy Cross Alumnus Founds Nonprofit So Every Child Can Enjoy Winter Sports

Schone Malliet '74 makes snowboarding and skiing accessible to urban, suburban and rural children by transforming a dormant New Jersey ski area

A city kid, Schone Malliet ’74 didn’t strap on his first pair of skis until he was an adult. He’s since made up for lost time, becoming a prominent figure in the winter sports scene and taking on a mission …