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“NFL players play up economic damage of a lockout”

American Public Media - Marketplace
February 11th, 2011 by 
Robert Baumann

In an interview with American Public Media’s Marketplace, Robert Baumann, associate professor of economics at the College of the Holy Cross, talks about the impact an NFL lockout would have on the popular “Madden NFL” video games.  “Every year, they’re putting out new video game that has all the updated players with their teams and their skill sets,” he told the reporter.  “Depending on whose numbers you believe and what you want to count as a fantasy football dollar, you could be getting up into the billions, certainly.”

But, he cautioned that “the little guy would take the biggest hit.” He said restaurants, hotels, parking lots and other small businesses that cater to football fans would suffer the largest economic losses from a professional football lockout.

Listen to the Marketplace story.

This ‘Holy Cross in the News’ item by Claire Moynahan ’11.

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