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Inauguration: Greetings From the Students

September 14th, 2012 by 

By Paul Misci ’13 and Kate Shea ’13

Welcome everyone and a special Holy Cross welcome to Father Boroughs from the entire student body. Hi Father this is Kate and I’m Paul and we are the SGA Co-Presidents for the 2012-2013 academic year.  Now we know that you may not remember our names at first, but we hope that through our final year here on the hill we along with the entire student body can share many laughs and memories with you.

Even with only a full semester here at Holy Cross and very busy schedule not only on our campus but also with alumni far and wide, your presence has been clearly established.  Students have met you at sporting events, masses, talks, and in passing.  In such short time here your heart already beats alongside the pulse of the student body and you are truly a crusader.

Father, we welcome you with open arms. You have not hesitated to join this community on the hill and also the community beyond these gates. Through your involvement with Holy Cross Cares Day and the National Jesuit Student Leadership Conference we have seen firsthand your commitment to the community we are all so proud to be a part of. We do acknowledge that from time to time as a community we experience  challenges and we have seen how you respond, guide, counsel and act at these times.   Your leadership has resonated with the student body.

At Holy Cross we are called to be men and women for and with others from the first day we arrive on campus. We know that your leadership as President will continue to guide us to live out this mission now and long after we leave this beautiful campus.

On behalf of the 2800 men and women who are current students we are proud to officially welcome you to Mount St. James and the Holy Cross Family.

Paul Misci ’13 and Kate Shea ’13 are co-chairs of the Student Government Association.

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