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Blog: Tortorelli ’16 Excited to Study Literature at Oxford University

October 6th, 2014 by 

NAME Paige Tortorelli ’16

HOMETOWN New Fairfield, Conn.  

AREAS OF STUDY English major

WHERE SHE’S STUDYING Mansfield College, University of Oxford in Oxford, England

WHY SHE CHOSE ENGLAND “My decision to study in England stems from a strong desire to immerse myself in a culture that helped shape the works of Shakespeare and Austen. And, after all, who could resist the chance to sip hot tea while tackling Richard III’s monologues in the very country where Shakespeare’s notorious depiction of him was inspired? Aside from literary pursuits, I hope to taste authentic fish and chips, revel in the folly of trying to sound like an Englishman, and of course, like Richard III, ensure my ascension to the English throne.”

WHAT SHE’S MOST LOOKING FORWARD TO “Perhaps I am most excited as I reflect on the possibility of scribing my musings under the same tree that Lewis Carroll created Alice in Wonderland’s white rabbit or, could it perhaps be thoughts of spending Friday nights at Mansfield’s discos, affectionately termed ‘bops?’ Then again, it might be the weekly formals at Mansfield which will finally give me the opportunity to resurrect old prom dresses from some dimly lit corner of my closet. What excites me the most about Oxford, however, is the opportunity to immerse myself in the one-on-one tutorials on subjects targeted specifically to my academic interests. Under Oxford’s tutorial system I hope to be presented with new methods of learning that will add a new dimension and a fresh perspective to my future academic path. Consequently, I am willing to risk the premature blindness that may come as a result of the copious amount of reading Oxford’s program entails.”

WHY SHE’S BLOGGING “I’m excited about this unique experience and the blog affords me the ability to chronicle my adventures abroad. I can only hope that students giving consideration to whether or not they want to partake in the study abroad program derive some benefit from it. The words and experiences of bloggers who came before me reaffirmed my desire to study abroad, and it is my fervent hope that I too will in some small measure instill students with that same conviction to travel and study abroad. I also hope that my blog will relieve my parents’ anxieties when I forget to Skype with them or send them pictures and personal notes.”

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