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Holy Cross Magazine Publishes Fall 2016 Food-Themed Issue

October 13th, 2016 by 

The Fall 2016 issue of Holy Cross Magazine — dubbed “The Food Issue”— delves in to what we eat, where it comes from, and who we eat with and why.

“Food is something each of us experiences every day, multiple times a day, but in completely different ways,” interim editor Maura Sullivan Hill writes in the editor’s note. “Some of us are vegans who love kale, others are carnivores who can’t get enough cheeseburgers and many of you are chocolate lovers (count me among that group!). In our food-themed issue, you’ll find something to digest no matter your tastes.”

The five feature stories in the Food Issue explore food sourcing, food justice, and food communities:

  • The Bees and Their Keepers: Holy Cross biology majors Anthony Criscitiello ’17 and Mary Patrice Hamilton ’17, concerned about the implications of honeybee decline on food growth and prices, established six honeybee hives where they study the bees and conduct research to better understand this global crisis.
  • Food for Change: Access to healthy, nutritious food is a basic human right, and Dave Emond ’96 and Kelly Verel ’97 both work to ensure that this right extends to all populations.
  • Culinary Roots: A conversation between Lynne Curry ’87 and Marc Sheehan ’07, two history majors who entered the restaurant industry. Curry is a food journalist, cookbook author, blogger and former restaurateur, while Sheehan is the chef and owner at the buzzed-about new restaurant in Cambridge, Loyal Nine. Lynne and Marc talked about trusting their instincts as they pursued unconventional careers in the food industry, and how their history backgrounds influence what they do today.
  • Gather Round the Table: Vegan produce farmers in New Hampshire. A 100-year-old family farm in Massachusetts. The Jesuits in Ciampi Hall. Three distinct communities, who all share a reverence for food, and mealtime, as a place to create and nurture community.
  • The Philosophy of Food: Andrea Borghini, associate professor of philosophy, shares, in a first-person essay, how he came to study food issues and why he teaches students the importance of mindful food consumption and sourcing.

The issue also looks at how the food industry works and the role that Holy Cross alumni play in keeping it all moving, as chefs, restaurant owners, food bloggers, beer brewers, farmers, restaurant publicists, ingredient suppliers and more. Read short stories and Q&As with these alumni in the “Small Plates” section.

Holy Cross Magazine, the quarterly alumni publication of the College of the Holy Cross, is mailed to alumni and friends of the College and is also available online at magazine.holycross.edu. HCM includes intriguing profiles, make-you-think features, alumni news, exclusive photos and more. Visit magazine.holycross.edu/about to contact us or submit alumni class notes.

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