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Paying the ‘Passion Price’: Sociology Professor Discusses Paying Higher Prices to Support Small Business

The Chicago Tribune | The Orlando Sentinel | The Texarkana Gazette | The Guelph Mercury Tribune
September 8th, 2017 by 

Particularly among millennial shoppers, there are good indicators that buying from small businesses is increasingly popular, even if prices are higher, reports the Chicago Tribune. The media outlet called upon Ellis Jones, assistant professor of sociology and author of “The Better World Shopping Guide” (New Society Publishers, 2006), for his insight on this consumer trend.

“The latest thing in ethical consumerism is that people are beginning to see their roles as shoppers as similar to their roles as citizens,” Jones is quoted saying.

Read the full article on the Chicago Tribune website.

The article also ran in the Orlando Sentinel, the Texarkana Gazette, and the Guelph Mercury Tribune.

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