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Craft Beer vs. Big Beer? Holy Cross Sociology Professors Study the Movement

The Conversation
February 7th, 2018 by 
Daina Cheyenne Harvey, assistant professor of sociology and anthropology, and Ellis Jones, assistant professor of sociology.

America’s passion for craft beer is growing at a rapid pace and large-scale beer powerhouses are now finding themselves strategizing new ways to neutralize the competition.

In a piece for The Conversation, College of the Holy Cross assistant professors of sociology Daina Cheyenne Harvey and Ellis Jones analyze Big Beer’s strategies in their quest for market monopoly, from launching fake craft brands to belittling craft beer drinkers and acquiring small competitors.

But craft brewers are fighting back by introducing a new seal meant to help customers easily differentiate craft from mass-produced beer. According to the Holy Cross sociologists, “the new label will help craft brewers to hold their ground because many enthusiasts don’t want to be fooled into drinking a fake version of a product that commands a premium due partly to its diversity and authenticity.”

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