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Holy Cross Economics Professor Says COVID Whistleblowers Need Legal Protections

The Hill
July 22nd, 2020 by 
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Over the past few months, employers across the country have been making headlines for firing workers who raise COVID-related health and safety concerns. As a response, some cities and states have proposed making such retaliation illegal.

In a recent commentary for The Hill, Daniel Schwab, assistant professor of economics at Holy Cross, discusses his recent research on this issue, while also detailing the current proposed bills offering protections for employees.

According to Schwab, a labor economist who studies workplace health and safety, legal protection against retaliatory dismissal will very likely save workers’ lives without imposing undue harm on businesses.

“[I]f more cities and states…pass legal protections that empower workers to speak up about safety issues, many lives will be saved—not only those of workers, but also their customers, families, and community members,” said Schwab.

To read the full article, go to TheHill.com.

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