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What Is the Catholic Charismatic Faith? Holy Cross Religious Studies Professor Explains

The Conversation
September 28th, 2020 by 
Mathew Schmalz, associate professor of religious studies. Photo by John Buckingham

When Judge Amy Coney Barrett was nominated as President Donald Trump’s pick to replace late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, media focus immediately turned to her reported membership in “People of Praise,” a nondenominational Christian charismatic community formed in South Bend, Ind. in 1971.

Writing for The Conversation, Mathew Schmalz, professor of religious studies at Holy Cross, explains the history behind the Catholic charismatic faith and also the controversy around some of its practices, which differ from mainstream Catholic worship.

“Commentators disagree about whether Barrett’s membership in a charismatic religious community should be an issue in any potential nomination hearings,” says Schmalz. “But charismatic or Pentecostal groups and churches represent the fastest-growing segment of Christianity throughout the world. For this reason, Amy Coney Barrett’s beliefs may be shared by many contemporary Christians.”

Schmalz, an expert in global Catholicism and Catholic history, has previously received Fulbright and American Institute of Indian Studies dissertation grants for the study of charismatic Catholicism in India.

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