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When the World Is Your Classroom: Sociology Professor Discusses the Emerging Trend of ‘Worldschooling’

The Washington Post
October 5th, 2020 by 
Jennie Germann Molz, professor of sociology. Photo by Avanell Brock

Jennie Germann Molz, professor in the sociology and anthropology department at the College of the Holy Cross, recently spoke to The Washington Post about the emerging trend of “roadschooling” or “worldschooling,” an issue she’s been researching extensively for her upcoming book, “The World Is Our Classroom: Extreme Parenting and the Rise of Worldschooling.”

The coronavirus “has been an inflection point in a lot of ways,” says Germann Molz. “With schools going virtual there has been a resurgence of interest in homeschooling in general, and then people realize, ‘Gosh, we don’t have to be home to do it.'”

And while “worldschooling” was considered extreme back in 2014 when Germann Molz and her family decided to spend a year traveling to all seven continents, today it’s becoming more mainstream among parents who are considering “taking a risky leap of faith to live a more fulfilling lifestyle than the one that’s served up by a consumerist suburban society.”

Germann Molz specializes in critical studies of travel and tourism, mobile technologies and social media, and global citizenship.

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