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Bringing Narrative Art Forms to Life for Students

Associate Professor Jorge Santos highlights graphic novels' significant role in documenting history.
December 1st, 2022 by 

Jorge Santos, associate professor of English, focuses his research on ethnic American literature, immigrant and migrant literature, ethnic studies, American cultural studies, comic studies and Asian American literature.

But the moments he lives for are the “little epiphanies” his students have when they connect to what they’re reading. 

“When I explain how profound a particular moment in the text is and someone goes, ‘whoa!’ … I live for that,” he said. 

Santos wants his students to understand that narrative art forms can enrich and illuminate their lives. 

“So. much of what we know about history is reflected in the art we consume, so let’s take that seriously,” he said.

Learn more about Santos and his students by watching the attached video. 

Video by Avanell Chang



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